Studio Drummer – Tricks For Tendonitis

We musicians and studio players are all prown to have repetitive motion issues!  Guitar players have it bad as well.  I had an issue with my shoulder for a couple of years.  It was very painful to play anything above shoulder height.  Since then I’ve had very deep tendonitis in my right forearm.  It’s been a constant bother.

I did find an answer though.  It was not pills or anti-inflam’s.  For me it was topical extra strength Voltarin anti-inflamatory cream that my doc recommended I try.  There is a light version and an extra strength version.  It made a remarkable difference right away!  And by using it on an ongoing basis it helped my body get ahead of the inflamation and eventually correct itself.   I highly recommend it.  It’s not expensive and it’s not perscription.

Another trick to try if you’re in a bind and you have to play but the pain is taking over.  WD40!  Yup sounds crazy.  A great guitar player friend of mine told me about it.  Spray some of it on the affected area an hour or so before you play.  I don’t recommend using it ongoing being a petroleum product but it might help you through a one time emergency…

Cheers and good health!




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