Studio Drummer – Livin for the City

It’s a crazy world for people in the arts!  Not surprising that all throughout history musicians and artists have been subsidized either by the wealthy or by government.  Why?  Because cultures that had any intelligence knew that a strong arts community was good for their civilization and their country and for their countries’ intellect and IQ.

Yes!  It’s generally a hard life for arts related people in this era, more so than perhaps even in the past.  The devaluing of the arts in general is almost hard to believe.  I can look back 25 years to a different time, a literally different time and experience when I would say the arts were much more revered than they appear to be now.

But here is the upside.

You and I have to remember this…You are doing exactly what you want and exactly what you were put on this earth to do.   So take heart!  Any stories welcome..  What’s it like living in your community as an artist?

More on this to come…

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