As the original online studio drummer, Phil has spent years tweaking and fine-tuning his gear and set-up to bring you world-class sonics that rival any competitor.

  • ” His ability to take direction and his work ethic are unheard of. His drum kit and recording top-notch. Every track better than the previous! I highly recommend Phil for all of your projects.”Ray Cervenka: Producer/Composer/Engineer - Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Willa Ford, The Beau's, Baha Men

Ayotte Drum Kit:

Ayotte Custom build from the early 1980′s (the best years of Ayotte!) maple shells, Remo drum heads top and bottom

Taye Drum Kit:

Taye Custom Maple maple shells, Remo drum heads top and bottom

Snare drums:

Ludwig Black Beauty brass snare
Taye maple wood snare
Ludwig 7″ deep wood snare
Pearl brass piccolo snare
DW soprano snare
Remo drum heads top and bottom


Zildjian K hand hammered
14″ Hats, 20″, 22″ rides, 16″, 18″crashes, 18″china, 4″, 6″splashes

14″ Hats, 18″, 22″ rides, 14″, 18″crashes, 16″china, 4″, 8″splashes


AKG 414′s
Chameleon Labs
Shure SM 57′s
Audio Technica
AKG D-112
Seinheisser 421′s

Outboard Gear and Software:

Focusrite 828
Universal Audio
Drawmer 1969
Logic Pro Audio 9
ProTools 9

Universal Audio Apollo
Yamaha AD8X
UA Pultec EQ
UA Oxford EQ
UA 1176LN
UA Teletronix LA2A

UA Millennia NSEQ
UA Lexicon 224
UA Neve 31102
UA SSL channelstrip
UA SSL buss compressor
UA Harrison 32C
UA Neve 1081
UA Fairchild
UA Neve 1073