Studio Drummer – Samples for Stylus RMX and Kontakt

I”m excited about the samples of my kits being released by Sampleholics for Stylus RMX and soon to be released on Kontakt!  I did this work about 4 years back.  It was a fairly exhaustive process of individual hits at different velocities and placements.  One of the things I feel good about is that the processing such as EQ’s, compression, verbs etc are my own and they wanted to capture my sound, the sound they’d been impressed with represented in performances and grooves in my website audio.

Stylus RMX is an amazing loop program firstly but it is also a great sample platform.  By using RMX one has access to their list of effects which are extremely cool, high quality (as is everything that Spectrasonics does!) and varied.  And with the release that is coming on Kontakt the library will see a much larger audience since Kontakt is the premier platform in the world for many varied sample libraries including melodic instruments whereas RMX is only a percussion/loop platform.

Another great tool in the arsenal on either platform!  If you’re interested in seeing or purchasing the sample library it’s available on my site at the bottom of the home page or go directly to the purchase page with this link…

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