Studio Drummer – Personal Trainer For Drum Injuries

Repetitive motion is a real problem for musicians in general.  Guitar players might have it the worst of all but we drummers certainly suffer from it as well.  I was fortunate to connect with a great personal trainer, Jordan from Fortress Mobile Fitness in Vancouver.  His combination of great exercises directed at areas of concern, as well as balance, technique throughout the exercise routines and most of all, posture were very helpful!  Posture very much interested me and is a very difficult thing to monitor by ones self when doing an exercise routine and I found this most helpful and informative.  Another great added value is that Fortress Mobile Fitness comes to you in your own space and designs workout routines that deal with the issue in combination with your home/space and with the custom exercise gear that they bring in.

Dealing with repetitive motion injuries is a tricky one and I’d highly recommend getting professional assistance and guidance in regard to this.  I’ve seen steady improvement and the issue in my right arm is almost completely healed which I’m very grateful  for.  If you are in the Vancouver area I highly recommend Fortress Mobile Fitness in this regard.

Stay healthy!

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