Studio Drummer – Common Thread Of Great Producers

Just worked again with one of the greats from LA and it struck me again…Robbie Buchanan, great keyboardist and a huge producer with a discography that is stunning to say the least.  What struck me is that a common thread with people that are great in the studio, with huge track records is they set a tone and create a great environment.  One that is harmonious with creating and not one based on ego and disruption.  The very best producers that I’ve worked with and for, all do this.  It’s not confrontational unless it has to be and there’s a situation where someone has to step in and correct it.  It’s an environment that allows players to access their creative powers and abilities at a potentially higher level.  The right amount of back pressure that access’s one’s own higher creative abilities.. I’ve worked now in the studio and live with Robbie and I really appreciate that about him.

Apparently Daniel Lanois is another such producer that ’tills the earth’ if you will, sets the environment and the tone of a session to allow the player’s and artists personality and artistry to flourish.  I’ve worked with the opposite of this from a producer’s chair… I’ll get into that story next time because it’s a prime example of the exact opposite!

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