• “Sounded great with your magic.”
    Kenn Wu: Producer Warner Music China, Disney, Universal Music - Eason Chan, Jacky Cheung, Zongwei Yang

  • “Phil Robertson is one of the most professional musicians I’ve worked with. His tracks are tasteful and right on point. His timing is impeccable (never use Beat Detective on his playing!) His ability to take direction and his work ethic unheard of. His drum kit and recording top-notch. Every track better than the previous! I highly recommend Phil for all of your projects.”
    Ray Cervenka: Producer/Composer/Engineer - Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Willa Ford, The Beau's, Baha Men

  • “Phil’s drumming and his creative senses are spectacular! I depend on his ability to case out all of the twists and turns in my music and can always trust him to show up to any gig, recording session or rehearsal extremely prepared and ready to go. His sound is big, and his groove is bigger, and he truly leads from the drums – no questions required…simply stated Phil is a world class drummer.”
    Dave Pierce, Emmy Award-Winning Music Director/Arranger/Composer 2010 Olympic Winter Games, Broadway

  • “Phil is a brilliant musician and an incredible gentleman. We had the pleasure of working with Phil a number of times at Electronic Arts. He played drums for us on a few sequels of ‘NBA LIVE’ the video game. Those songs would not groove the way they do without his phenomenal prowess on the kit. We thought some of the songs might challenge him but he has this ability to pull off mind-boggling complexities with precision and with the greatest of ease. His enthusiasm and grooves are simply infectious. We’ll be back for more!”
    Traz Damji and Ken 'hiwatt' Marshall a.k.a The Humble Brothers - Remix team for Linkin Park, Deftones, Filter, Static X.

  • “Some of the most incredible playing I have had the good fortune to record was from Phil Robertson. He is an extremely talented musician. Phil is that rare blend of player who as well as technical ability, also has a very sympathetic ear, very in tune with the song and the artist . Never a grace note out of place……a real pleasure……..a rare find…….worth twice as much ……..in US Dollars.”
    Vince Jones: Editor - Pink, Hoobastank, P.O.D; producer / keyboardist Sarah McLachlan, programmer Maroon 5

  • “Phil is the consummate professional and brings incomparable artistry to his contribution to the music. In these times, to me, the ideal musician is one who is a fantastic player, has a unique and artistic voice in his/her work, and is current with technology. Phil has and is all those things . I LOVE working with him.”
    Shari Ulrich

  • “Perhaps the most active musicians online are drummers (for example,www.e-studio-drummer.com), since drum kits are difficult, not to say impossible, to record well in a typical home studio.”
    Acoustic Guitar Magazine, Sept,2007

  • “Phil is more than just a great drummer…he is a musician with incredible insight…into every song & track that he works on. In a in live studio session…he almost always gets a perfect track…on the very first take…while painting a colorful sonic picture of the song! Through his referrals, we’ve done dozens of online sessions together…with many very happy clients…from New York to Beijing. Phil is definitely the Go to Guy…for all your percussion needs!” (e-studio-bassplayer.com)
    Brian Newcombe - Pro Studio, Concert, & Online Session Bassist - David Foster, Ray Charles, Chilliwack

  • “major kudos must also go to [composer] Matt’s fellow musicians, particularly drummer Phil Robertson. This is some band.”
    music4games.net: Motor City USA Online - Original Music from the Game

  • “When I heard the instrumental section [that he played on my song] I broke into a huge smile, Robertson nailed it!”
    Jeffrey P. Rogers, NPR Radio Article USA, March 2007

  • “Phil played on my latest CD and did an AMAZING job! The drums on the title song were recorded in his studio (and delivered via the internet to me). It’s one of the most powerful drum tracks I have ever heard!”
    Brian Doerksen: 2008 Juno Award winner, CGMA 2006 Artist of the Year

  • “Phil is the ultimate groove drummer. He zones into what is right for the tune and then lays down absolutely killer tracks! I’ve been thrilled with every track he’s done for me over the internet and would recommend him to anyone wanting drum tracks that are rock solid, not overplayed and an inspiration to play and sing to.”
    Ben Karlstrom: 'Twisted Tunes' US and Canadian Radio

  • “Phil Robertson, is simply put, a true ace in every way and is my first call drummer, whether on the concert stage or in the studio. In my capacity as producer for children’s star Raffi, I have had the privilege to hire Phil for countless delightful and productive recording sessions. We call him the ‘Groove Monster’ and indeed he is second to none.”
    Michael Creber: Producer - Raffi, pianist - K.D. Lang

  • “Phil – I adore your grooves”
    Carolyn Arends

  • “Having tracked & mixed many projects Phil has been involved with, I think one word to sum his playing up is “solid” , whatever the style. He makes it sound like he’s played the song for years after only a couple of takes , & he’s a great guy too . Highly recommend him for any project. You won’t be disappointed.”
    Greg Reely: Engineer/producer - Fear Factory , Delerium , Front Line Assembly , Carolyn Arends , Sarah McLachlan, Lisbeth Scott.

  • “Phil is a great player, I love working with him and never hesitate in recommending him to others.”
    David Sinclair: Producer, guitarist - Sarah McLachlan, K.D. Lang

  • “Phil embodies all the qualities of the perfect musician. Talent and creativity flow from this guy into everything he does. Having played almost every bag with him at one time or another, I can safely say he is the real stuff. A number 1. Groove central. Amen”
    Robbie Steininger: Composer, ace session guitarist

  • “Phil is an experienced and inspired musician who always endeavours to find the ‘magic’ in all of his drum and percussion parts. He has that rare ability to lift a song into its highest potential. Phil’s the consummate pro, and I always look forward to our musical interactions.”
    Miles Black: Sought after jazz and pop pianist, composer

  • “I’ve had the pleasure of working both in the studio and live with Phil and everytime has been nothing short of amazing! As a bassist to have a drummer with the feel, time and experience that Phil brings makes whatever situation a groovacious and memorable one.”
    Pete Davyduck: Studio and live bassist - Vancouver

  • “Phil is the best session drummer I have ever worked with. Everyone who listens to my tracks always mentions how much they like the drums. Thanks Phil, you rock”
    Jimmy Zee: Recording artist

  • “I have worked with Phil Robertson for over twenty years in the studio. I was a partner in Wave Productions (an audio house in Vancouver) for 23 years and over that time period Phil did countless sessions for our company for clients such as McDonalds, Telus, Tourism BC, Manitoba Tourism, Manitoba Hydro, BC Lotteries, GM, Toyota, and too many more to mention. He is always on time, extremely good with clients at the sessions and always delivers. His preception of the project is always right on and takes direction at the drop of a talkback button. My main focus right now is writing and recording library tracks for two European companies. Phil is my drummer of choice. I use him whenever I can..Hey also he’s a hell of a guy!”
    Michael Rheault: Musician, composer and producer

  • “Having worked with Phil Robertson on numerous live shows and on-line recording collaborations, I can confidently state that his sense of groove, taste and rhythmic innovation are unsurpassed. He’s a true musician.”
    Ian Cameron - http://efiddler.com

  • “As a songwriter, producer or teacher Phil is my #1 choice. I have specifc criteria for this:
    He’s the fastest, he’s the most musical ahd he takes direction professionally. He saves a producer / songwriter money in the studio with his great reading abilites combined with his mastery of his instrument and to top it off the guy is extremely creative! I have no problem recommending Phil as a top professional in the field.”
    Brett Wade: Composer, producer and musician

  • “Phil is a joy to work with. Even though I work with him long distance I know he will get the spirit of the track and take it a step beyond. His drum sounds are always consistently solid and easy to work with. No matter what the size of project I bring to him, he brings his complete energy and focus to the table. I highly recommend sending him tracks, you’ll get back gold.”
    Spencer Capier: Producer and musician

  • “Phil Robertson is a Pro. His playing is amazing, adding perfect groove with a lot of variation in the song. His Ayotte drum kit combined with the Ludwig Black Beauty Snare gives a warm punchy sounding drum track. I sent him an mp3 scratch of my song that wasn’t perfect and he simply did a wonderful job. Besides the top quality of the drum tracks you’ll find a nice person to talk with and one who will quickly answer all your questions and musical needs. Phil’s drumming is the best thing that’s happened for my music. Check out the website of his band REZ and the music so you’ll understand the meaning of the words “Modern Poetry!”
    Zeb, Guitar Player of the Fench Rock band Kwijibo

  • “Some drummers can play well in 2-3 styles, The unusual thing about Phil is that he plays well in every genre I can think of. He helps to make the song or instrumental the most happening that it can be, no matter the style or genre. He doesn’t do it with fancy fills although those he can produce anytime. He does it by laying downa solid foundation that everyone else can rest on. He brings out the best in you. Tasteful, inventive and a musician’s musician.”
    Micheal Hart: Singer/songwriter and recording artist

  • “Phil approaches drumming with great musicality, rock solid metre, killer groove and a style all his own. There are thousands of drummers out there, and Phil is one of the very few that gets a call from me.”
    Chris Janz: Recording artist, producer and musician

  • “We recently used Phil on some songs with jazz brushes and I can sum up his playing in two words. INSTANT GRATIFICATION. The tracks were delivered the very next day and the musicianship was nothing short of astonishing! The uncanny ability this guy has of nailing the feel of a song the first time through is simply jaw dropping! He’s my new first call session player for drums. Period.”
    Kelvin Funkner, Covenant Award Winning Producer and Engineer

  • “I have known Phil for a long time and what stands out for me about him is the consistent level of respect that he has shown to me both as a friend and fellow musician. I have used Phil for a number of projects. What I appreciate about Phil is his ability to listen to my heart and ideas as a songwriter and translate those ideas into cool lyrical musical parts that fit really well in the song. Phil has demonstrated a high level of integrity in his dealings with me and he is very professional in returning tracks to me in a timely manner. Phil is unquestionably a tremendous gift to the landscape of our music scene and if you ever have an opportunity to share this gift in some way, I highly recommend it.”
    Dave Olson: Bassist, composer

  • “Phil’s skill and original style put him in a league with the world’s fine drummers. On top of that is the fact that he is a guy of great integrity.”
    Joseph McDonald: Composer, keyboardist

  • “Phil Robertson is an absolutely great drummer. He has rock-solid time, an ability to play in any style…folk, blues, jazz, reggae, rock…and infuses his music with creativity, strength and delicacy. Although I’d say his ability to understand a complex piece of music, analyze it, and figure out how to play it with artistry and accuracy within one rehearsal and recording, is the quality that impresses me the most. We’ve done gigs, recording sessions and major-theatre concerts over the past 20 years, and he gives stellar performances always. His passion and commitment come through in his playing.”
    Holly Arntzen: Musician and composer

  • “This is the best way for me to describe working with Phil – his innovative, in the pocket drumming skills and talent parallel how kind and easy going he is. He always shows up ready to play, eager, prepared to have a good night/session/rehearsal, that his affable personality and character makes him truly a pleasure to work with. We’ve worked together for probably 12 years now and I can honestly say I look forward to seeing him and hearing him play each and every time. He reminds me why I love what I do. Plain and simple. I really appreciate his musicality and the support he’s given me time and time again over our years together.”
    Kim Kuzma: recording artist, songwriter

  • “I have worked with Phil on and off since the late 80′s, and I must say that he is definitely one of the best drummers around. Live or in the studio, Phil is easy to work with and always does the right parts for the songs. He is not limited to any particular style(s), and I look forward to working with him again.”
    Geraldo Dominelli: Guitarist/keyboardist - Loverboy, producer

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